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The Special Design Turbochargers Bureau (SKBT) was founded in 1962 as a specialised organisation for the design of turbochargers for boosting the diesel engines and gas engines of all purposes, on the manufacturing facilities of Penza Diesel Plant. In December, 1991, the general meeting of the Special Design Turbochargers Bureau (SKBT) State Enterprise staff made a decision to found the Special Design Turbochargers Bureau Joint Stock Company. On June24, 1992, the Special Design Turbochargers Bureau Joint Stock Company was registered upon the Decision (Registration No. 109) of the Council of People’s Deputies of Pervomaisky District, the city of Penza. Thus, since 1992, the SKBT has begun its new history as a fully independent complete-cycle enterprise. In 2001, the SKBT also gained the state accreditation as a scientific organisation. During half a century, our organisation has grown from a small bureau to an independent enterprise with its own scientific, design and manufacturing facilities that cover over 8,000 m2, the foundry department and the testing laboratory. The enterprise staff comprises over 300 employees. In April, 2016, the SKBT joined the ENGINEERING Holding, with its business entity type changed to the Limited Liability Company. Now, SKBT LLC is the leading enterprise in the CIS, focusing on the design and manufacturing of turbochargers for boosting the 300 kW…5,000 kW diesel engines. Now, the batch production includes 5 design generations of turbochargers and over 110 size modifications (TC18, TC21, TC23, TC30, TC34, TC35, TC41, TC48). In total, more than 260,000 turbochargers based on our designs were made for boosting the diesels installed on mainline and shunting diesel locomotives, sea-going and river ships, large dump trucks and drilling rigs, mobile electric power stations and stationary units, and on gas engine compressors running at gas pumping stations. The advanced developments carried out by SKBT LLC are intended to design higher-efficiency turbochargers for application in various industries. The enterprise passed successfully the certification of the international quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. In 2013, SKBT gained the license authorizing it to make the equipment for nuclear power plants. Among the customers of SKBT LLC are the enterprises and organisations of sea and river fleet, Gazprom Company, mining enterprises, Russian Railways OJSC and enterprises using the industrial railway transport, and nuclear power plants. The following types of product acceptance are applied in the organisation: acceptance by the Locomotive Inspection of the Technical Audit Centre, Russian Railways OJSC; by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Nizhny Novgorod Branch; by the Russian River Register; and by the Military Representative Office. The SKBT LLC products are exported to various regions in the world: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin and South America countries, Africa, Central and South-East Asia countries, Australia and New Zealand. Highly skilled personnel, up-to-date experimental facilities, combination of advanced design methods and high technologies of manufacturing – all these factors make SKBT LLC the competitive enterprise not only at the domestic but also at the international market of turbochargers.

ООО "Специальное Конструкторское Бюро Турбонагнетателей" (ООО "СКБТ")
ул. Калинина, СООР 128 г. Пенза Пензенская область 440034 Россия
Приемная 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-005
Коммерческий директор 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-004
Коммерческий отдел +7(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-009
Директор по экономике и финансам 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-089
Служба по персоналу 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-006
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