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The Special Design Turbochargers Bureau was founded in 1962 as a specialised organisation for the design and batch production of turbochargers for boosting the diesel engines and gas engines for all purposes. The purpose for formation of the specialised organisation was the much-needed improvement of effectiveness of domestically-made diesels by their outfitting with standardised turbochargers. Now, the Special Design Turbochargers Bureau LLC (SKBT LLC) is the leading enterprise in the CIS, focusing on the design and manufacturing of turbochargers for boosting the 300 kW…5,000 kW diesel engines.

During half a century, the organisation has grown from a small department to an independent enterprise with its own scientific, design and manufacturing facilities that cover over 8,000 m2, the foundry department and the testing laboratory.

Now, the batch production includes 5 design generations of turbochargers and over 110 size modifications (TC18, TC21, TC23, TC30, TC34, TC35, TC41, TC48). In total, more than 260,000 turbochargers based on our designs were made for boosting the diesels installed on mainline and shunting diesel locomotives, sea-going and river ships, large dump trucks and drilling rigs, mobile electric power stations and stationary units, and on gas engine compressors running at gas pumping stations.

High parameters of turbochargers result from close cooperation with country’s leading institutes, such as the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU), Railway Research Institute (VNIIZhT), Central Diesel Research Institute (CNIDI) etc. Introduction of new modern Flow Vision software for gas dynamic calculations and Nastran software for strength calculations made it possible to raise significantly the efficiency level for the newly designed turbochargers, shifting in such a way the significant part of refining efforts for reaching the parameters in accordance with the Requirements Specification to the design and documentation development stage. As a result, the time period for the new product development and refinement has been reduced. The effectiveness of this approach was demonstrated by comparative tests with turbochargers from well-known European companies, such as ABB (Switzerland), MAN (Germany), PBS (the Czech Republic), KBB (Germany). The comparative tests carried out with licensed engines, 6ChN22/24 and 6ChN32/40, manufactured by Wartsilla Vassa Company at Leningradsky Dizelny Zavod (LDZ) plant with VTR184, VTR304 and NA34 turbochargers, made it possible to specify the applicability of a Russian turbocharger in the engine documentation.

In 2001, the SKBT also gained the state accreditation as a scientific organisation.

High parameters of turbochargers can be reached only with high technologies regularly introduced in manufacturing. The process equipment used for making the key products comprises over 150 pieces and consists of machine tools of turning, milling, grinding, drilling and boring machine groups as well as welding and thermal treatment equipment. The foundry department is provided with air-melting and vacuum-melting induction furnaces, equipment for shell moulding, for casting in sand moulds and for chill casting. Application of the technique of lost-wax precision casting in special vacuum furnaces made by ALD Vacuum Techologies AG guarantees that the necessary mechanical properties are reached for such highly important parts as nickel-alloy turbine wheels and turbine blades.

The friction welding technology suitable for strong connection of dissimilar alloys in any combinations is used for reliable connection of a turbine wheel made of heat-resistant alloy and a rotor shaft. The creep feed grinding technology with NC machine tools is used to make geometrically-complex elements of turbine blade roots, providing high precision and performance.

In 2009, the new machine-assembly department was commissioned, with the area 4,500 m2, provided with new high-technology equipment: five-axis machining centres, HERMLE C40, and turn-milling machining centres, BÖHRINGER NG400-2m, NG200-2m, VDF315*1000, MAIER ML36. The three-coordinate measuring machine provided with a profile meter, GMX600 XR20 GD120, manufactured by Carl Zeiss Company (Germany), is used to control quality of critical parts.

The products of SKBT are operated in over 60 countries throughout the world.

During its half-century history, SKBT has designed and implemented for batch production over 50 modifications of turbochargers for all sizes of ship engines. During recent twenty years, our enterprise continuously carries out the activities for substitution of imported turbochargers, such as VTR250, 321, 304 (АВВ, Switzerland), NR20 (MAN, Germany), N3, H3, H5 (КВВ, Germany) and others, on ship diesels made by SKL, MAN, SULZER, Wartsilla Vassa, B&W companies.

Our turbochargers, as components of diesels, are operated on sea-going and river ships of such types as large autonomous freezer trawlers, Crane Series and Atlantic fishing freezer trawlers, River-Sea, Volgo-Balt, Series 55 oil-bulk-ore carriers, Kometa and Raketa hydrofoils, rescue tugs, Corvette, research ships, passenger cruise ships, large freezer ships, coast guard speed boats etc.

The quality management system being in force at the enterprise is certified in accordance with the International Standard, series ISO 9001. The quality certificate is issued for the products. The following types of acceptance are applied in the organisation: acceptance by the Locomotive Inspection of the Technical Audit Centre, Russian Railways OJSC; by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Nizhny Novgorod Branch; by the Russian River Register; and by the Military Representative Office.

High level of developments, skilled engineering personnel and modern technologies in design and manufacturing make our products appropriate to withstand tough competition both in the domestic and foreign market of turbochargers.

ООО "Специальное Конструкторское Бюро Турбонагнетателей" (ООО "СКБТ")
ул. Калинина, СООР 128 г. Пенза Пензенская область 440034 Россия
Приемная 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-005
Коммерческий директор 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-004
Коммерческий отдел +7(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-009
Директор по экономике и финансам 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-089
Служба по персоналу 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-006
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