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AUDIT OF CTA JSC "Russian Railways"

From February 27 to 29, 2024, a technical audit of the quality management system and manufacturing processes for railway products was carried out at SKBT LLC by representatives of the Technical Audit Center of Russian Railways JSC.

During the inspection, objective evidence was obtained confirming the quality of manufactured products in accordance with regulatory and technical documentation, and documentation of the quality management system, as well as taking into account the requirements of Russian Railways JSC for manufacturers of railway products.

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ООО "Специальное Конструкторское Бюро Турбонагнетателей" (ООО "СКБТ")
ул. Калинина, СООР 128 г. Пенза Пензенская область 440034 Россия
Приемная 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-005
Коммерческий директор 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-004
Коммерческий отдел +7(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-009
Директор по экономике и финансам 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-089
Служба по персоналу 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-006
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