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Capsules of time
On November 7, we attended a rally where the capsules of time were opened-messages to descendants. They were immured in the monument of Glory in 1967 and 1977. Our employees (Klochkov Y.V., Miryasov A.M. and Gerasimova O.A.) were then students and wrote these letters. And now, after so many years, they are standing in the same place .... Each of them wants to hear the words from a distant childhood, to feel the simple treatment "Hello, our dear descendants. We, the Penzaers of the 1970s, want to wish you and tell you ... ". In some ways they are right, something in their letter is more like a fairy tale. But in general - people who came to this meeting, it was interesting to hear what they thought, what our ancestors dreamed of. The event passed like one moment and everyone dispersed in a good mood.

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