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Cross nation

On September 16, 2023, employees of SKBT LLC took part in the “Cross of Nations - 2023”. The event took place at the Olympic Alley to commemorate All-Russian Running Day.

Our employees actively participate in events dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

“The cross-country race is a wonderful opportunity for us, as part of the SKBT LLC team, to show ourselves at our best. We are a family that becomes even stronger when we move towards the same goal together. The goal of crossing the finish line of the Cross of the Nation is the goal of our enterprise to achieve new successes,” Ivan Okorokov, head of the automation and measurement department, shared his impressions.

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ООО "Специальное Конструкторское Бюро Турбонагнетателей" (ООО "СКБТ")
ул. Калинина, СООР 128 г. Пенза Пензенская область 440034 Россия
Приемная 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-005
Коммерческий директор 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-004
Коммерческий отдел +7(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-009
Директор по экономике и финансам 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-089
Служба по персоналу 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-006
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