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New industrial victories of SKBT!

SKBT has begun production of turbochargers for the Beloyarsk NPP, and the first product is planned to be presented in December 2023. This turbocharger was developed by our talented designers.

Technologies for heat treatment of 40X steel have been successfully mastered; the total volume of products is more than 1,300 parts.

A contract has been concluded for the processing of parts for the metro. Our participation in the production of planned products will play a significant role in import substitution of parts and components for the Russian metro.

Testing of the turbocharger for the GEVO12 diesel engine has begun. In a situation where sanctions and restrictions create obstacles, this position has become a bottleneck in the operation of the American-made diesel generator.

We are confident that the successful introduction of our turbochargers will bring significant results and improve the performance of these diesel devices.

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