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Remember ... We are proud ... We grieve ...
Victory Day is the main holiday for all the people of our country. On this day, employees of organizations, institutions and enterprises of the Pervomaisky district of the city of Penza, together with their children, took part in a solemn event dedicated to the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
At 8.00. at the Mitrofanievskoye cemetery, wreaths were laid on the graves of soldiers who died on the battlefields. The memory of the fallen soldiers was honored with a minute of silence. Then the solemn ceremony of laying flowers and wreaths was held at the monument "Seeing Off to the Front" and the monument "Heroes of the besieged Leningrad".
Eternal glory to our heroes of war and home front! We, their descendants, must remember how many lives this war took, with what blood our peaceful life was won. We must be grateful to all the soldiers and home front workers for our prosperous present and future.
Blessed memory for all!

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