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Table tennis is with us!

On September 20, 2023, at the Nadezhda Sports and Recreation Center, employees of SKBT LLC took part in table tennis competitions as part of the Spartakiad of labor collectives of enterprises, organizations and institutions of the Pervomaisky district of Penza.

Our employees defended the honor of our enterprise at table tennis competitions.

Our company took 4th place!

Keep it up, SKBT LLC!!! More victories and more rewards!

Назад к списку
ООО "Специальное Конструкторское Бюро Турбонагнетателей" (ООО "СКБТ")
ул. Калинина, СООР 128 г. Пенза Пензенская область 440034 Россия
Приемная 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-005
Коммерческий директор 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-004
Коммерческий отдел +7(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-009
Директор по экономике и финансам 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-089
Служба по персоналу 8(8412)22-10-12, доб. 25-006
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